Staff & Faculty

Westside Montessori School is proud to be affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS).  All of our Directresses are fully trained in the Montessori Method with either AMI or AMS credentials.  Our classroom assistants and aides are chosen for their caring and nurturing abilities and also receive on-site training. Many of our faculty and staff have been at the school for more than 20 years.

Office Staff

, Head of School
, Office/Finance Manager
, Administrative Assistant
, Office Assistant 11:30-6:30
, Head of Maintenance & Security
, Digital Communication Specialist (part-time)



Toddler Teachers            

                 – Toddler Lead Teacher
                Griselda Ojeda – Toddler Assistant
                Emma LaLonde – Toddler After School Assistant
                 – Toddler Lead Teacher
                Maria Cardenas – Toddler Assistant
                Chelse O’Gilvie – Toddler After School Assistant
                 – Toddler Lead Teacher
                Saida Montes – Toddler Assistant
Primary Teachers            

                – Early Childhood Lead Teacher
                 – Early Childhood Lead Teacher
                Ashwini Manjul – Early Childhood Assistant
                – Early Childhood Lead Teacher
                Samantha Diaz – Early Childhood Assistant
                – Early Childhood Lead Teacher
                Silvia Leal – Early Childhood Assistant

                 – Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
                 – Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
                and  – Upper Elementary Co-Teachers
                – Middle School Lead Teacher

                Allison Bryant – Elementary Assistant
                Alexis Portal – Elementary Assistant
                Chandria Byars Middle School Assistant
After School Support Staff          

                Alejandra Mendez – Home Environment Assistant
                Emma LaLonde  Home Environment Assistant
                Samantha Diaz – Elementary After School Assistant
                Samantha Diaz and Sabria Balland Elementary After School Assistant
                Saida Montes – After School Assistant