Guide to Classroom Observation

A Guide to Parent Observation in the Primary Montessori Class


Judy Schepps Battle

 Ms. Battle’s insight into the parent’s point of view allows her to provide practical guidelines as to how a parent should approach observation and to find the positive attributes of a Montessori primary class.

We welcome your visit to your child’s primary classroom and would like you to read and absorb the following guidelines for this observation so that you can learn the most about us.


The parent observation is an opportunity for your child to share with you a dynamic picture of what life is like Montessori-style.  You can observe friends, teachers, learning materials, as well as the less tangible atmosphere that is “home” for the child for so much of his or her working day.  We know from experience that what you will actually see is colored by the excitement that your child feels by having you visit his/her class.  To minimize this excitement factor, both for your child and others in the class, we ask that you observe the following procedure.  We also offer hints for observing and interpreting what you see.